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Ghost 2 Immobiliser Reviews

The Ghost immobiliser is the newest technology for security of your vehicle from Autowatch. It protects you from key cloning hacking and theft.

It utilizes buttons on your vehicle like the steering wheel, door panels and centre console to create a unique PIN sequence that can be up to 20 digits that has to be entered before the engine can start. It’s TASSA insurance-approved, which means it can also lower the cost of insurance in many cases.

Discreet & Undetectable

The great thing about the ghost 2 immobiliser is that it’s virtually unnoticeable. The device is connected to the CAN network and is controlled by your ECU (Engine Control Unit). It can be placed in a hidden area, it’s quiet and emits no signals. It is also extremely low-maintenance, making it easy for you to use without causing any damage to your vehicle.

With a CAN bus immobiliser you can design a pin code sequence that you can customize that can be up to 20 digits long. The sequence can be entered by using existing electronic buttons on your car, such as those on the steering wheel, in the app door panel or central console. It’s very similar to how you use the pin code on your mobile phone. This ensures that you can start and move your vehicle but a potential criminal cannot steal your car without entering the correct pin code or having your phone with you.

It is also foolproof and can’t be detected by the diagnostic devices that high-tech thieves use. Unlike other immobilisers, which are typically activated by an immobiliser relay, the Autowatch Ghost communicates with the vehicle’s ECU via its own CAN data circuit, which stops the engine from running. It’s a simple way to guard your car from thieves, especially when you’ve spent money on personalisation or have a costly or unique vehicle.

The immobiliser is not only effective in preventing thieves from stealing your car, it also stops them from making a duplicate ECU or key, which are the most common methods of stealing cars today. It also comes with a Service/Valet mode that lets you disable the system for your MOT, or when you’ve had your car professionally cleaned. This means that nobody can leave your car in the garage.

The Autowatch Ghost is a smart investment for your car, particularly if it’s a valuable or rare model. It’s a discreet and effective way of preventing thieves from taking your prized possessions Get in touch with us now to learn more about our TASSA verified and DBS security-checked Ghost immobiliser installations. We’ll even provide you with documents to show your insurance company that they offer significant discounts to customers who install the ghost immobiliser.

Easy to Install

Unlike Trackers which make use of RF signals to pulsate and navigate the thief towards your vehicle, Ghost transmits no signal and is only visible when activated using either PIN or your phone (download the Autowatch App). This means that it can’t be detected by thieves using sophisticated scanners or codes equipment.

The ghost 2 immobiliser is able to be easily installed by our expert team. It is hidden in a secure place and is undetectable to any diagnostic tools used by high-tech thieves. It also does not require battery power and is low maintenance. We can therefore provide a five-year warranty on all ghost 2 immobilisers.

Ghost is the only aftermarket CAN-bus immobiliser on the market that protects your car better than anything else. It’s easy to use and trackers will not allow the vehicle to start unless you enter the unique PIN code through the mobile app or the buttons on your steering wheel, door panels or centre console. It can be up to 20 presses long, making it more secure and less difficult to guess.

Ghost isn’t detectable through scanners, or through the circuit cuts that modern thieves use. It is able to communicate with the engine control unit but does not emit radio signals and is obscured from view.

Ghost is known as the “Stealth Immobiliser,’ because it isn’t visible to those who do not even have any idea that it exists. You can even transfer your Ghost device to a different vehicle when you move during ownership, if the new vehicle is compatible and it’s installed by a Tassa Registered Ghost 2 immobiliser ghost Installations team member. After your ghost immobiliser range rover 2 installation, you will receive an Owner’s Guide as well as an Emergency Card and two Autowatch window sticker. We will also provide you with a certificate of installation to present to your insurance company if required. This will give you peace of heart and additional security for your pride & Joy.

Low Impact

The Autowatch ghost 2 immobiliser problems 2 immobiliser is a discreet, incredibly powerful and effective anti-theft tool for your vehicle. It blocks key cloning and hacking, as also ECU swapping. This means that thieves are unable to drive away your vehicle. It is part of the CAN data network which means it cannot be detected and disabled through codes grabbing, RF scanning and other common methods that are used to disable security systems. It also comes with valet and service modes that allows your vehicle to be re-started without the need for a PIN or having the app with you – perfect for when your vehicle is employed by mechanics or other workers.

The system is easily installed by our experts. It doesn’t require any cutting of wires and will not void your manufacturer’s warranty. Instead, it uses the buttons on your vehicle to create an individual pin code. The codes for the buttons are transmitted across the vehicle using the CAN data network, and the ghost immobiliser responds exactly the same way as the original factory system. You can even modify the pin code at any point and only you will be able to access your vehicle.

This is a crucial aspect when choosing the best immobiliser as you do not want your vehicle to be more prone to attack than it already is. The Ghost is a small weatherproof device that is hidden inside your car. It operates quietly and is not noticeable to the naked eye. It’s also a subtle installation, so your car won’t appear like it did the one before it was installed.

Our technicians are well-trained and experienced in installing the Ghost and will give you a complete demonstrations to show you how it operates. After the installation, they will give you the Ghost 2 emergency card, Ghost 2 owner manual and installation certificate. They will also make sure you are satisfied with the installation before leaving. This system is the most effective protection against theft. Our customers have noticed their insurance rates fall significantly as a result.

Insurance Approved

If you’re like many car owners, your pride and joy is a big part of your life. It’s only natural that should take care to safeguard your car.

ghost immobiliser tracker immobilisers are designed to provide you with the highest possible protection against car thieves. They stop your car from starting until you enter the PIN number using your key fob or mobile app. This means that even if the car is cloned or its engine chip replaced, it won’t be able to start.

Unlike other systems on the market The Ghost utilizes your vehicle’s buttons that are factory-installed (like the ones on the steering wheel or on the centre console) to create a unique disarming sequence. It can be up to 20 presses long, making it more difficult for thieves to hack. You can also change your PIN whenever you want.

The Ghost is the first aftermarket CAN bus immobiliser to be found anywhere in the world. It is completely secure against car hacking. It communicates with the ECU via the data bus, which means it can’t be detected by scanners that are used to detect other security systems. It also stops thieves from adding a new ECU or key to bypass the system to get your car started. Only the correct PIN code will work, making it an ideal option for Bentley owners.

Alongside the anti-theft features, the Ghost includes a service and valet mode that allows you to temporarily start your car to perform valet or service work without needing to enter a PIN. You can also remotely disable your car’s immobiliser by using the app in case you have lost your keys. This is great when your kids or friends are borrowing the vehicle.

The Autowatch Ghost is TASSA approved. This means it is accepted by insurance companies and could reduce your cost of insurance. It also comes with two-year guarantee and comes complete with a free mobile app. Contact us to learn more about installing a ghost-immobiliser on your Bentley. One of our staff members will be delighted to discuss the process with you in greater detail, and give a detailed explanation of how it operates. The owner’s manuals, the certification of installation, and ghost immobiliser fitter emergency cards will then be given to you.

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